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  • addWhat is Homejam?

    Homejam is a virtual interactive experience with your favorite artists and celebrities. Through our platform, you can book virtual meet and greet experiences called ‘Homejams’, send a message to your favorite artists, and ask questions that we’ll bring up in each Homejam.

  • addI booked a Homejam, but haven’t received a link. How can I receive it?

    When you book your Homejam, what you receive immediately is your order confirmation. Around 24 hours prior to your event, we will send you a link that you can use to jump on the event. If you are within 12 hours of your event, and still have not received your link, please contact us at help@myHomejam.com and we’ll get it sorted right away.

  • addWhy are Homejam limited to 24 people?

    We, along with our artists, are committed to truly delivering some of the best virtual experiences in the world for fans. 24 people can fit neatly within one screen with our video conferencing partner, and allow for everyone to be seen and heard by our talent. This creates an intimate and interactive environment that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s like being in your favorite artist’s living room!

  • addHow do I contact Homejam?

    We’re always looking forward to hearing from you! You can contact us vip@myHomejam.com.

  • addHow are Homejam priced?

    Homejam uses machine learning to understand the best price for fans and artists alike. We aim to make Homejams as accessible as possible, and our prices are the most approachable way to get this experience.

  • addCan I request an artist to join Homejam?

    Absolutely! Send us an email at vip@myHomejam.com and we’ll try our best to get them on board. We’ll also notify you when they have their first session.

  • addI want a copy of the Homejam experience I had. Can you send a recording?

    Since artists often release exclusives, share insider stories, and are as candid as they can be on our Homejams, we don’t allow for any video recordings of our events. We are not able to send you a copy. This restriction also applies to screen recordings, mobile videos, and audio capture.

  • addI purchased a Homejam and can’t make it anymore. Can I get a refund?

    Unfortunately, due to a very limited number spaces available for each event, we do not provide refunds. You can always transfer a booking to another account. To do that, email us at vip@myHomejam.com with what session you want to transfer, and to what email. We’ll take it from there!