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Video & Audio

The Homejam experience occurs through our video partner, Zoom. We aim to ensure that every fan has the best audiovisual experience they can, but this is determined by a few factors:
We aim to equip our artists with a high quality camera, and professional-grade microphones to ensure the best experience for our fans.
Your internet connection determines the bandwidth you get to best run a videoconferencing program like Zoom. With an unstable internet connection, you may experience lag or poorer video and audio quality. Please read the instructions here (https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362463-Wireless-WiFi-Connection-Issues) to learn more about how you can improve this.
Your display and speakers or headphones also determine the quality that you can see. We recommend a desktop computer for the best possible experience so you can see all participants in your event. If possible, set up your computer with a flat screen television, or large monitor for the best experience.